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Repeat Voice Command for iOS

Didn't catch your last voice command? Need a quick update for your next maneuver? Don't worry, we have you covered.

Starting in MapQuest v5.5 for iOS, you can manually trigger an up-to-the-second voice guidance update by tapping anywhere in the main maneuver bar at the top of your screen.

Night Mode for iOS

For the night riders and early (very early) morning commuters we’re happy to introduce one of our newest features: Night Mode! You asked, we answered. Check it out now: 

To change Night mode settings:

  1. Tap the Menu button at the top left of the screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Night Mode and choose your preference

Please note: Night Mode will be set to Automatic by default - it will turn on shortly after sunset.

Show Speed & Speed Limit for iOS

We’re all for making life easier! Keep your eyes from wandering and check out our newest feature that shows your current speed and the speed limit.  

To get started simply:

  1. Tap the Menu button at the top left of the screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Scroll down and enable Show Speed & Speed Limit
  4. The next time you’re en route you’ll notice the speed limit in the bottom right corner of the screen

Please note: Speed & Speed limit will not be on by default. You will have to turn them on in Settings.


Perspective View for iOS

One small step for maps, one giant leap for users. We are happy to announce our newest navigation view: Perspective. Get in the experience now, and try it out.

Please note: Perspective Mode will automatically be on. To turn off, you can change your preference in settings.

To change Perspective Mode settings:

  1. Tap the Menu button at the top left of the screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Scroll down and disable Perspective Mode in Navigation
  4. The next time you’re en route you’ll return to the overhead view
HFP Bluetooth Support for iOS

What is the difference between HFP Bluetooth and A2DP Bluetooth? 

HFP stands for Handsfree protocol and is a type of Bluetooth used to make voice calls. It's popular amongst car makers today, and allows users to take calls over their car's speakers without being affected by the audio input (Radio FM/AM, CD, AUX, etc.) of the device.

A2DP is another kind of Bluetooth output primarily used to stream media (such as music). Unlike HFP, only certain inputs on your car stereo, for example, can be used. With A2DP, you'll need to make sure your input is set to "Media" or "Bluetooth" (input names may vary).

How can I switch between HFP and A2DP in the MapQuest App? 

Bluetooth can be a bit tricky, so the first step in trying to hear voice navigation over your car's speakers or Bluetooth device is to make sure that it supports one of these protocols.

Some cars/Bluetooth devices only support HFP; So, if you're connected via Bluetooth and not hearing any voice commands in your car, you'll need to enable HFP Bluetooth in the MapQuest App to be able to hear voice commands.

If your car/Bluetooth device only supports HFP or you prefer to use HFP: 

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is paired wtih your phone
  2. In the MapQuest app, tap the Menu button at the top left corner of the screen
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Toggle Enable HFP to ON (green)
  5. You should now be able to use any audio input in your car to hear the MapQuest App

If your car/Bluetooth device supports A2DP (music): 

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is paired with your phone
  2. Turn your Bluetooth device's input to either "Media" or "Bluetooth" (title may vary)
  3. Start your route in the MapQuest app
Satellite Imagery for iOS

Life is more than just lines and blocks. Up the experience with our newly updated satellite imagery. Simply tap on the Layers button at the bottom of the screen and tap Satellite to switch between Map and Satellite view.

Zoom Features for iOS

Be in control of your map and zoom quicker than ever by using our new "Double-tap-and-drag" feature to zoom in and out!

To try out this great new feature, simply:

  1. Double-tap the map and keep your finger held down on the second tap
  2. Keeping your finger held down, drag your finger down to zoom in, or drag your finger up to zoom out

For classic zoomers, you can still double-tap the map to zoom in or pinch/spread to zoom in and out. 


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