How to print

How to print your directions

To print directions from, simply:

  1. Create your route using Get Directions 
  2. Choose your route and click View Route Directions
  3. Click Print at the top of the left-panel
  4. On our Print Page, choose either Directions & Map or Directions List Only using the options on the left
  5. Click the green Print button at the top of the page to finish printing from your browser

How to customize your print page

To get started you will want to click on the Print icon on the top of the left-hand panel or on the right side near the zoom buttons. You'll then be redirected to another page that will allow you to customize your printout. 

Please note: When getting directions you must click View Route Directions to print the listed directions for the route.

From here, you will be able to:

  1. Add personal notes to include on your printed page
  2. Remove helpful hints and increase the font size, which are located on the left-hand side below Directions List Only
  3. Remove certain steps by clicking the X to the right of the step
  4. Customize the main map view by zooming in/out and panning to capture the desired area you'd like to print



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