How to Find Places

How to find addresses, businesses and more

Our predictive search technology empowers you to find what you're looking for with only a few keystrokes! It makes searching for an address, business category, business name, point of interest and Airports, even quicker. Once you begin to search and see the result you're looking for in the list of predicted searches, simply click it to get started.


Searching for Businesses, Points of Interest, etc: For the best experience, please use both a "what" and "where" whenever possible. For example, in the search query "Pizza Denver, CO", "Pizza" is the what, and "Denver, CO" is the where.

Searching for Intersections: The best way to search for intersections is by using the following format: [Street 1] & [Street 2], [City], [State] (or zip). If you know the street's suffix (Ave, Street, Drive, etc.), please include that for best results. For example: "16th St & Blake St, Denver, CO" or "16th & Blake, 80202"

How to get directions to the places you find

If you choose to start out by searching for a place, then decide you want to get directions to that place, simply click the Directions button on the left hand side to use that place in your route!


How to use the Search Nearby feature

Our Search Nearby feature makes it easy to find places near your destination or even another place you just found.

To try it out, simply enter an address or find a business or other place, then select the pin on the map and click “Nearby” to search for a place or category and choose a distance to narrow your results.

How to Find Places using Layers

Layers is a great way to find hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and more! here's how to use it:

  1. From the search results page, click the layer you want to activate
  2. Once the locations appear, click on one to view it's info (or refer to the list on the left side of the screen)
  3. And if or when you want directions, click on Add to your route

This will update your route to include the stop. If you ever want to deactivate a layer, just click it again in the layers bar.

How to do more with the places you find

Looking for a new breakfast restaurant? Need to know which hotel in the area has both a swimming pool and Wi-Fi access?

Basic info for a business like its name, address, and phone number will appear after clicking the pin, but to find out more, including access to reviews (powered by Yelp), and menus (powered by SinglePlatform), just click “More Info." You can even book hotels directly from MapQuest (powered by Priceline).


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