How to use the Map and Map Tools

How to switch to Satellite View

The world we're navigating isn't made of boxes and colored lines, so why should your map view be?

Bring your route to life by enabling satellite view. You can find this in the Earth icon on the right side of the map, below the zoom buttons. To return to map mode, click on the unfolded map icon.


How to see Live Traffic conditions

The Live Traffic feature is a great way to know what you're up against before your commute. Click the Traffic button in the map tools next to the zoom buttons, then select the traffic option(s) you'd like to turn on.

Traffic Slow Downs: Give yourself a quick, color-coded glimpse at how fast traffic is moving (red=slow, yellow=moderate, green=normal).

Traffic Incidents: Keep yourself informed about any construction events, accidents, or temporary closures.

Traffic Webcams: Get a real-life glimpse into the latest available images from traffic cams across the country.


How to move around the map

If you just want to browse the map, you can click-and-drag to pan around and use the "+" and "-" buttons, in the map tools on the right side of the map, to zoom in and out.

Tips and Tricks
Depending on the page, you can also close the left panel by clicking on the green "<" arrow in the half circle mid page or by clicking on "Hide."

Please note: On touch devices you can pinch the map to zoom or access the "+" and "-" buttons by tapping the "..." button to open the map tools.

How to find your current location

Did you get a little carried away browsing the map and lose track of your location? No worries—it happens to the best of us.

You can always click the Find Me icon (next to the zoom icons) to allow MapQuest to use your current location (as detected by the Wi-Fi/GPS signal in your browser/device) to get you back on track! If your browser or device is having trouble locating you, please refer to our Current Location Troubleshooting section for help.


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